FFftPP #37

“What do you make of this?” Mr. Johnson was driving by with his wife on a Saturday afternoon, and spotted this unusual sight. Every Saturday they travelled the same route to market to sell their apples. The orchard was a profitable business and the season almost over. “I don’t see Smith anywhere. I wonder if he’s okay”.

Mr. Smith was definitely not okay. Late yesterday afternoon he was gathering up pumpkins for the market when he was surprised by a lightning bolt. He thought that unusual since there were no clouds, thunder or rain. He looked around and his pumpkins were being moved around by the same lightning. Fearing the afternoon heat had influenced his mind, he went to sit in the cab of his truck.

As he opened the door, he saw pumpkins had filled the cab. He turned to look up at the light source and was drawn into it, pulled up and never seen again.

It seems after careful investigation by the FBI experts in the UFO division, that Mr. Smith was a victim of “Incidents Planetary”. Apparently other planets in our galaxy were harvesting pumpkins and pumpkin farmers to boost their own lacking nutritional fares.


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