Putting My Feet in the Dirt 12

Sneaky and Cheeky

Two boys of ill fate

Decided to wander

Through an old locked gate

Not heeding the sign


Ignored it’s advice

And walked right in.

Now Sneaky was always up for a dare

And Cheeky’s mischief was beyond compare

As soon as they passed the warning sign

A sudden realization of their being inside “time”

They saw their lives fly by in days

Saw all their actions and horrid ways

Displayed in front of them like a book

They didn’t want to, but

forced to look

They couldn’t remember being so bad

Or the terrible lives they had

They turned to see the gate locked once more

How to escape as they ran ‘cross the floor

Black bony hands grabbed onto their cuffs

Yelling in unison, the boys cried “enough!”

It was then that Sneaky and Cheeky awoke

Changed their ways, of the dream never spoke

Now they’re good boys, kind and true

Perhaps this might be a warning to you?

September Writing Prompts


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