MLMM Wordle #210


Today was not a good day. She felt frumpy, her broad forehead was no longer compact and her whiskers were beginning to droop even when she was alert. Her once golden fur was now pale in comparison to her young huntress days. Her protector, her mate seemed less interested and his blinkered vision of her disappearing youth reminded him of her age.

Gazing into the morning sun, she took the warmth in like a sponge, easing her weary bones. She could leave the pride, lead a solitary life, but would she survive? Trying to restrain that thought each day, her leonine instincts prevented her from acting on it.

The pride’s history was ripe with her past daring, her prowess, and as she thought back on her fifteen year adventures, the formula needed then did not compare to the present. It was time for the strong new young lioness’ to take over.


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