Putting My Feet in the Dirt 7

Imperial units scanned the country. They had been looking for intelligent life on this new planet and they started exploring in the richest nation that had been formed so far.

Thinking the leader of this nation would be the right being to observe, they found him at his current residence, a location called the white house. That was perfectly logical since it was in reality, a house that was white.

As they closed in to secretly observe they were surprised and started to laugh. Of course their laugh was not nearly the same as the beings on the planet and a thick yellow odor enveloped the white house, causing it to turn a nicotine yellow.

The whole incident was ignored by the leader, as he was busily tweeting on an arcane device known by the Imperials as a computer. They decided the rumors in the galaxies were true. There was no intelligent life on this planet.


There was one man who never gave up his quest for the truth of how earth could be. And this is one way he searched for it:

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