Putting My Feet in the Dirt 1,2,3

A touch of perfect
2. September sunrise
3. Plump and provocative

The September sunrise brought new hope for John. He thought a new month, a new attitude, and just in time for an autumn romance.

The crispness of the air, the colored leaves falling, the scent of apples in the wind, all were a touch of perfect timing and led him to believe he would be successful.

John had admired the woman in Brown’s Bakery shop for some time. She always wore a cheery face greeting him in the morning. She had a plump and provocative figure he dreamed of being very close to.

Being a bachelor for many years, John never thought he would find someone and when he first saw Miss Brown, he fell in love. She was perfect. He had seen plenty of trendy skinny models at the office, always looking like they needed a good meal and a nap. They didn’t appeal to John. His dream was standing behind the counter, baking, smiling and serving customers.