Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt #69

It’s always elementary, the beginning, basic tenets of any project, or part of life that requires work to achieve the goal, the results you want, and the reward.

As you know, my basic beliefs revolve around the word love. The concept is extraordinarily simple. You give it, you get it. Easy, right? Is the answer so elementary? You start a relationship and pour yourself into it, trying with all your might to make it the best, the most perfect, an answered prayer. Sometimes it works, but takes another factor. It takes the return of that love to accomplish.

A project cannot be achieved on your own. Above I’m writing of the human factor, but believe the same is true to achieve any objective in life. It takes the basic tenets of hard work, dedication, even fear of failure and accepting the hiccups, to finish each goal you want to complete.


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