MLMM Wordle #207

She drew the pinfeather from her sweater. Visiting the chicken coop always yielded fresh eggs, but never without a soft white feather to boot. It had taken a lot of decorous actions to justify this coop in an area not wanting to accept any animals at all. In obtaining this old house she did not falsify her reasons for purchase on the final contract. She was a retired business woman and knew full well the ramifications of falsehoods. Also being wary of contractual obligations she was a hemmablind individual and required no crutch of lawyers except for the minimum requirement. She knew her way around the business world.

This day she calmly walked around the property, observing the marigolds she planted around the small vegetable garden. Indeed they did the trick, keeping pests away. The stream close by provided a trickle of ever feeding underwater to the garden. It was her natural way of watering and therefore required no fancy hoses or sprinklers. All efforts on her part were to maintain a living as close to nature as possible.

At first she was a curiosity to her neighbors, living alone, not communicating with others who tried to pester with inquiries of her lifestyle. She was happy and only interested in maintaining her home and solitary life. She had lived the other life for over sixty years. That sacrifice provided her with the completion of a life long dream of this home and this life.