Daily Addictions: Fuse

I learned two new things today, yea for me! The one I’m going to write about here is Parkour. I had never heard of it and was talking with my grandson who was with me watching the “Kingsman:The Secret Service” movie. In the first part, Eggsy, the character in both this and the sequel, got away from some others by jumping, sliding and flipping on the building structure. My GS pipes up with, it’s “parkour”. Of course being the older, (ahem) wiser person, I very intelligently said, “huh?”

And then we had to look it up. This is a part of what we found. According to this site, the term may have originated in France, but the idea of fusing movement and sport training might have started ages ago for the military. I still have more research to do.

More info here: http://parkourgenerations.com/parkour-history/

Who knew something so cool?😊😎



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