MLMM Bonus Wordle

One by one the students at Private Elementary started to have damp foreheads and dizziness. Some even kneeled down on the floor in order not to fall. Even the afternoon breeze coming in the window seemed hotter than usual. The calescent temperature was rapidly causing more students to feel faint.

Mrs. Beecham hurriedly closed the old large windows, afraid whatever infection was afoot might contaminate another classroom. She rang for the school’s resident nurse as more children experienced alarming discomfort.

Sheets of sweat ran down Mrs. Beecham’s bodice as she started to panic, wondering what type of disease was encompassing her classroom. The room was stifling, but she was determined not to release any children till the nurse could complete their examinations. The paroxysm “Oh my God” burst from her mouth as her prize student, Melissa, suddenly rose from her seat and fell to the floor. Melissa was one of the most privileged girls and her fashionable many layered clothing caused her to overheat more than the others.

Sitting in his room, an absent student of Mrs. Beecham’s class sat reading with a satisfied grin. Earlier he had sneaked out of his confinement for bad behavior and climbed out his window. The window ledge and then to the basement window. When inside, he adjusted the heat sensor in the furnace, only for Mrs. Beecham’s classroom.

George was being punished for inappropriate behavior. He was jealous of Melissa’s attention, approached her with too much familiarity, to Mrs. Beecham’s chagrin. He was summarily reprimanded and told to stay in his room the rest of the day.

George settled back, only sad he could not see the results of his deeds.