Word of the Day: Abiding

Abiding is a word that probably describes my life very well. Sometimes I think I have it all figured out and then Murphy shows up with his bag of tricks. The “always happens in threes” “omne trium perfectum” syndrome, too. My grandson and I were discussing fate, Murphy, jinxes, etc and both agreed we really have little to say in this life. Tiny specs in the universe, floating around on a big blue ball, tossed this way and that and doing our best to hold on for the few seconds we exist. What controls us? A higher being, a distant universe, the ground under our feet? It would be preposterous for me to guess.

Maybe the word for me is abide instead. I go along with what I am, what’s happening, good or bad and try to enjoy it with humor most of the time. I guess that’s abiding.

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