Word of the Day: Blossom

She was just a tiny thing, all soft and peachy skinned, huge blue sky eyes and a few chubby rolls on her thighs and arms, sweet, soft, lovely to hold. Her breath on your neck as you hold her is one of the many blessings of life.

You might turn around one day and see this now still small, sweeter even than you thought possible, little girl in her first patent leather shoes, ruffled dress and walking carefully towards you.

Before you can reach to pick her up, she’s bringing you a colored picture from Kindergarten, so very proud of her gift.

As you bake another birthday cake, you realize that under the jeans and t-shirt is the very same baby girl who has blossomed into a young lady. How can time be so cruel?

My advice is to enjoy, relish every minute, because if you look away, you will miss those years.

Blossom – Word of the Day Challenge