Putting My Feet in the Dirt 8

It was a birthday present since she was born in February. A gift for the soon to be princess of Thelandoffantasy. It was a village in a far off country known only to the folk of large imaginations. It always had beautiful moonlit nights, sun filled days and rainbows appeared with no rain.

Fantastic creatures were seen such as unicorns, fairies, and even a centaur or three. Everyone consumed whatever they chose in food or drink and remained as beautiful as their sixteenth year.

On this day the prince of the land, because there were no nasty kings, was to be wed to the lovely beauty named Snowbellecindy, daughter of the next village, Foreverfantasydreamtown.

The teardrop necklace was chosen not only for her birth month but matched the color of her eyes, and was named the Amethyst Tears.


August Writing Prompts


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