FFftPP – Murderous Mist

Rolling in from the sea, it moved up the shoreline, over the sand, and seemed to intensify in color and shape. Formerly a misty substance, now enveloping the low bushes and moving quickly to the trees.

Birds screeched, deer ran from the area, small rodents and lizards dug deep, finding solace from the heavy cloud. Only a few remained, choking on what seemed intangible, yet threatening. As curious gulls approached the darkening mass, they stopped short in midair, backing away and flying quickly back to the water.

There was one surviving observer, offshore, poised on a mast’s rigging. He was fascinated to see what happened as the sea opened up and spewed out this monstrosity. His fellow crewmen weren’t so lucky, or maybe it was their fate. They had been diving for forbidden treasure while he stayed aboard. As the bodies popped up to the surface one by one, he climbed higher on the ropes hoping to escape whatever evil was below the surface.

The mysterious mass disappeared over the hill and the crewman climbed down to a small rowboat attached to the ship. Now safe in a cove, saw the cloud return to its original place in the sea.

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