SYW 7-9-18

As with everything else this week I’m late, but it was time for‘s Share Your World post. Here’s a partial photo of her site with the questions:

My answers:

1. Cool question! Maybe “She Tried”

2. All of the above. Probably salty tops my list at the present time.

3. Since I have no college education I would definitely recommend it. For the classes, of course, but mostly for the experience of being away from home learning about life, before you make any lifetime commitments. As far as degrees are concerned my thinking is after thirty, they do not help in obtaining jobs.


This week my next oldest sister and husband (she’s the only one of us not a widow) came to visit. I’m not used to constant company and I think my limit is three days. They brought family photos and pics, so that was a nice surprise. We all have big families and they even have great grandchildren, so a lot of catching up.

I’m getting a few business related things done so feel good about that. Not the results actually, but just getting it done. I reconnected with an old friend and that was wonderful.


Happy weekend everyone and thanks so much for reading and commenting!πŸ’™