SYW July 2, 2018

Happy July to those of you not suffering from heat exhaustion! My sister in VT says it’s hard sleeping in her home at night with the heat rising to her bedroom. I always disliked the heat and humidity made it worse. Of course on the bright side, that weather also made for beautiful green landscapes and flowers blooming. Here in Cheyenne I don’t have that problem.


It’s again Monday and tomorrow the third, would have been my 52nd wedding anniversary. Hard to believe. Here are my answers to‘s questions this week.


1. My first bicycle was given to me on my 13th birthday. I promptly tried to ride it on our dirt driveway impacted with coal shards from coal deliveries. Looking like an inept awkward weaving clown, I of course fell full out on the shards and still have them embedded in my knee. I never felt at ease riding the bike even with my two best friends along with me. In my adult years I tried a moped and a worse accident happened. I am not cut out for that experience or maybe I just have balancing issues. The moped trip was forewarned by my son, saying, whatever you do, don’t put your feet out to stop. Of course I did.


2. A fictional place to visit would be the cabin in the woods with a lake and mountains nearby. I Write of it often, and it is Fiction, a constant dream, quite impossible.


3. I could use an assistant obviously. But having someone following me around all day would drive me crazy. Thus, the cabin.


This last week I accomplished quite a bit of spring cleaning, sorting, etc, a bit late, but better late than never. On Wednesday the fourth we are headed to the big local park to have grilled lunch and s’mores before we watch fireworks. It’s a fun time and this year we are spicing it up arriving early and cooking. Can’t wait!

Here’s hoping you all have better weather soon, not too cool, but more tolerable.



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