Google is Gone – Big Rant

I just decided to watch “The Judge”, started out well and then one of our outages with tv, or wifi must have caused it to just stop in the middle of the recording. Anxious now to watch the rest, thought I would try google play movies, downloaded the app. What a mistake.

Now after trying to get it straightened out, it is two hours later. In that time I could have scootered down to the Red Box in Safeway to rent it for a dollar. Instead I thought, why not try the google app?

After multiple times trying to watch anything beyond the trailer, finally contacted google help. Chatted with someone who seemed nice but couldn’t help me. I saw the payment of 2.99 right in front of me but she kept saying she didn’t have it. Then I went to the payment screen as she requested and lost her. Went back and saw “chat ended.”

Went to help screen and chose call back help. Who in the world mans these phones? This woman was rude, asked me the same questions over and over and when I said it slowly and clearly again and again, I finally asked if there was someone else I could speak with. How many times can you repeat the same four numbers? She just kept talking as if I wasn’t even there. Finally after five minutes of her not shutting up or listening to my answers I was rude. Very rude. I asked if there was anyone available that had more brain power than she had. She just kept talking over me. So I said, are you listening? Do you have a supervisor I can speak to? Kept talking. I finally said, do you have a supervisor, you know, someone with a brain? She apparently was listening for the first time, and told me, I am discontinuing this call because I don’t have to put up with bad language.

I didn’t use any, yet, unless brain is what she considers bad. I just hung up, deleted the app, payment method and will never use it again.

12 thoughts on “Google is Gone – Big Rant

  1. Thanks for all the comments. The library is just not close enough for me to go on my own. But they do have tons of things to offer. Think I’ll stick with Amazon prime, it’s reliable and secure. I’ve just finished watching all the seasons of “House” with a favorite actor, Hugh Laurie. He had the accent down pat but at the last show, the “swan song” he talked in his English accent.


  2. Uuuuuuugh, the number of times this scenario plays out is frightening. The worst are the ones that have you type in you numbers on the phone and then ask you for them again.

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  3. Lordie I hate those idiots! I get phone calls from “microsoft assist” or any other of a dozen names for these Bozos..who tell me my “windows” sent them a message and they need to connect to the computer…after getting a BUNCH of them, I called Microsoft and got…a drone. Too stuck to her agenda to listen to what I had to ask. Then after frustrating me totally hanging up when I asked to speak with a HUMAN……….join my world. lol

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  4. I can check out DVDs of TV shows and movies from my local library system for free. Obviously, they don’t have currently playing shows, but they have a lot of vintage stuff, which I prefer anyway. Free is good, and I recently watched the films “Wonder Woman” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming” totally free on DVD. To heck with Google.

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