Are you a believer in signs? I am. Some days it’s the only thing that gets me through. I try to be upbeat, positive, you know, the funny one, most of the time.

Take today for instance. A fun family time is coming up this evening. My daughter, three of her daughters and I are all going to have a fun time. We’ve looked forward to it. But then what looms up but some personal news I can’t be upbeat about. And it’s been happening more than usual lately. Maybe you’ve noticed in my writing, probably not.

Back to the signs. . .I was sitting here feeling all down and the sun came in the window, it’s been on and off with clouds all day, but it just shown through extremely brightly. For some reason I looked up and saw this:

I don’t have a good camera, but see what it is? A smiley face! I’ve never seen it appear before and now it’s gone, clouds are back. It was only there a few minutes. I rely on these hopeful signs. Some I’ve experienced are, seeing the sun suddenly illuminate a bright autumn leaf, a bird landing next to me and just staying there, and other nature related happenings. I notice the dance of a leaf across a parking lot when waiting for the bus. I feel privileged to see these things, and appreciate them as a gift. A gift from who or what I have no idea. Sometimes like today, a sign appears and I have to smile and think, it’s okay, I can handle it.

Elaine might say it’s the universe talking to me. What do you think?


11 thoughts on “Signs?

  1. It is showing that there is always a balance. Happy, sad, joy, despair because without knowing the difference how could we experience these emotions 🌹 There is always a silver cloud if we keep watchful xxx

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    1. What I suppose I am trying to say (ineptly) is that the universe is chattering away to itself all the time. There are messages everywhere. But the universe can be a bit cryptic. Sometimes it’s more important just to soak up the message …. to drink it in, in other words … rather than focus on the meaning of it too much. The universe speaks in a language that is like music – we are not designed to understand it completely.

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    2. I just got home. A cloud formation this afternoon was showing colors like you would see with oil on water, sort of like a whirled rainbow. Tonight Venus is extremely bright and even Pluto is visible.So the universe is smiling this day. ; )


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