Putting My Feet in the Dirt 16 and Prompt:Oasis


Receiving the call with no prior message, I replied, give me five. By the way, where are we going?

The park.


I was picked up with two grandkids and we were off to a park across town that has been redone. A huge center playground and available equipment all wc accessible! I could roll myself up to the top where there were partial permanent awnings. The fences for safety were metal, covered in heavy black rubber of some kind so they didn’t get hot. What a thoughtful feature. The slides were also made of a substance that remained cool even in hot sun. Great innovations!

At the mid stop to the highest point on the center attraction were built in drums, whistling whirlygigs and I had to try everything. Being able to push myself on the trails and paths was fun. There was a toy that had molded seats, held about four people that was wc level so of course I had to try it. My grandkids would run on the side and jump in.

If you’re feeling depressed, need a break from the office, whatever, try going to an oasis such as a playground and act like a kid again!

If the slide hadn’t been so high, long and curvy, I would have tried that too. I love watching the various looks on toddlers who ride with their parents for the first time on a big slide. Adulthood is sometimes a pita, and it’s invigorating to get that “I’m a kid again” feeling.

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