SYW – 6-11-18

Monday in the middle of June 2018! Who would have thought that I would be here spouting my opinions, my secrets, my hopes and dreams, my loves. . .right here on little ol’ WordPress? Certainly not me, but I have been doing this for two years and trying to keep my posts interesting and moderate. Once in a while I deviate to a rant, vent, writing out frustration so I don’t visit them on my family. Yup, folks, I usually let it all hang out here with you. So if you’re still reading, THANK YOU! 💐

But I digress….I love that phrase so if I ever have a chance to use it, even inappropriately, I do. It is time for Share Your World questions from and this week they are challenging, at least for me:

1. Who would be my imaginary friend? I think my mother. I would like to have her be a friend to talk with, and know how she handled herself in life, what she would think of the world today. When I was born she was forty, and then after, very busy in my childhood. Life on our dairy farm was idyllic for me as a child, but her role was a tough one. She cared for four of my grandparents, hung out washing, even in snow, ironed, cleaned, maintained a large garden, canned, cooked, baked, and that was every day. There was no electric washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, no convenience stores or groceries. It was all her efforts that we were privy to.

2. What decade would I think best? This is difficult because wonderful things happened in each. Having a great job, finding love, marriage, and two sons born in the sixties would have to be my first choice. Eighties the next because I was working a job I loved, three teenagers, and being healthy, and don’t forget the music! Seventies also had great moments, my daughter being born the high point, but also deaths in the family so it’s bittersweet. The nineties brought moving around, bad health for myself, but also my daughter’s marriage, grandchildren and was possibly the most rewarding. A very hard question, Cee.

3. After death how would I like to be remembered? That’s a no fair question for anyone my age and above. I could take what my grandkids say – the best grammie in the world – but I’m sure their other grandma is also told this. But for myself, I would hope I would be thought of as loyal, loving, honest and funny. The last one probably most prominent, because as you age you have to put that in the forefront to survive.

I am grateful for my grandson’s graduation and his like for his college destination. They visited Casper College last week and he’s looking forward to studying there. The high school counselor and coaches, teachers were instrumental in obtaining a scholarship for him and it is well deserved.

This week I’m revisiting doctors for an ongoing problem I hope to obtain relief for. And would it be too much to ask the universe to give T laryngitis for, let’s say, the next three years? Oh well, thought I might as well ask.


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