Putting My Feet in the Dirt 11

Borrowing a phrase from a favorite movie, “Cool Hand Luke”–what we have here is a failure to communicate–at least in a proper, respectful manner. We have a loud mouthed, unpredictable in any good way, leader who prefers using snide remarks, rude comments, racial slurs, misogynistic behavior, bullying, and social media to convey information supplied to him from what must be a very small brain.

Where are the ethereal evolutions that should present themselves in a leader of the free world? I apologize to our neighbors, Canada and Mexico and the EU. What our leader/ruler/king reports is not how I feel, or many others who are also aghast at his behavior.

I wake every day to be flooded with his disparaging remarks, his total lack of empathy or concern for the citizens of the USA and none for any of those outside our shores, including Puerto Rico.

I am disgusted, discouraged and disappointed in our president. I think some of you may be angry or surprised, but people, I am sick of it. I read a post today about discipline. Our leader needs to be disciplined. Why isn’t this happening? Is it money, payoffs, bribery, collusion? Or is it all of these?

We need to speak up and say “I’m not going to take it anymore”.



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