Putting My Feet in the Dirt 5

Have you ever looked and admired something in a shop and thought to yourself….I could do that! Look how much they’re charging! It’s just paper twisted around to make a flower! My god, they must be making a fortune!

Well I have to admit, that was me. However, after years of crafting and many failed attempts, I’ve learned my lesson. I look, I think the same, but pass by with the knowledge I could not do it, and many factors prove it. A few are: no space to make things, no membership to a warehouse or supply house for the items needed to buy in bulk, and no employees to accomplish quantities to make a profit.

Those are only a few of the discouraging factors of tissue paper troubles as I longingly observe crafted flowers in shops that look easily made. I used to enjoy crafts and have done a few things I was proud of, but all in all, I think my dreams were beyond my abilities.

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