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Imagine my surprise when I received this prestigious award from I’ve been following this terrifying teller of traumatic tales for a while and I urge you to creep over, settle yourself in with a nonspill cup of something hot, leave the lights on and enjoy! He also has a quirky “click the pic” feature that you must try. I’m still at a loss receiving this award because I’m not an author or poet, I just like to scribble my thoughts. But I thank you for giving me confidence to carry on. The Liebster Award was originated to recognize and support other bloggers.



Questions for me:


My answers:

1. I don’t have a favorite scary story as a child. It could have been a Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew Mystery or a fairytale such as Hansen and Gretel because I did think it would be lovely to see a house made from candy. Or Little Red Riding Hood because we were always walking and playing in the woods.

2. Again, this is difficult, but to pick only one, would have to say Anne Frank.

3. I’ve always liked to read and hear stories. I was a business courses only student in high school, so no creative writing classes, unless you consider some of my bottom lines on long bookkeeping statements. I was a young busy mother and worked many different jobs, but as a grandmother in 1994, found time for writing. I rarely saved anything but there’s one I wished I had now. I never thought much about it being a piece of actual writing, but my sister encouraged me, saying “I knew you were a writer”. I had written a piece about walking into our dad’s funeral and the mixed emotions I felt. That encouraged me. But not until I had a second bout of cancer and was recovering, did I discover blogging. I thank the friend who suggested it because it has been a great fill-in for what I’ve lost in life over the years. The word writer still is not comfortable for me.

4. Most of my friends don’t even know I write a blog. I have mentioned a few with admiration, but rarely. I only know of two relatives who read it, which is good. Everyone interprets an event in different ways. I write my interpretation and I’m okay with them writing theirs. I write about family mostly. The rest is usually Fiction.

5. Hee hee, cool question. If I were a ghost, I would haunt an old boss who took advantage of me, not in today’s terms, but the original version! πŸ˜‚

6. Right now, minus Trump.

7. I live in an apartment complex. Someone just set off their car beep lock/unlock which occurs any time of night or day. The new people above me are quietly walking around, bless them. I’ve had horrible upstairs neighbors in the past. Motorcycle guy is leaving. Planes overhead. The hum of the air conditioners outside my bedroom window. Otherwise quiet. Sunday at 1:32pm.

8. As in advice you mean? Just be yourself. That’s who we want to meet and read.


Now for the stretching the rules part, I’ll nominate a few blogs that put on challenges I enjoy:

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Rachel Poli – Time to Write

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Limit is eleven but there are MANY MORE, and now with the Daily Post Prompt gone, there are quite a few blogs supporting a daily word or idea to challenge you. Isn’t this a cool place to write? ☺️


My job here is done. Thank you (therebemonsters) and all for reading and supporting me. Your comments continue to keep me writing.



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  2. Congratulations, you deserve it, Thanks for nominating me, I will carry it forward as soon as I can find a little spare time. I’m doing a three weeks poetry course at the moment so I may be a little slow.

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