Putting My Feet in the Dirt 20

“Leathery lies”, she yelled with disgust. “You call these shoes? These are imitation plastic uppers with hard neosoles, absolutely not leather. My son paid a lot of money for these pieces of junk, and you dare to say they are real leather? You should be ashamed, I want my money back.”

Martha slammed down the sneakers on the shop counter. The shop had sold these shoes to her teenage son claiming they were the “latest” from a popular sport star.

The shop owner sheepishly slid the sneakers under the counter and gave Martha the $85+ her son spent. He had saved for weeks with his lawn mowing job and was duped by the shop’s shoddy products.

Martha made sure the surrounding customers heard her complaint and most left the shop immediately.

Martha left the shop and later at her PTO meeting, made sure to spread the word about the dishonest shop owner.

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