FFftPP Week 20

They ignored the signs. They ignored the warnings. That’s what teenagers do, after all, they’re invincible! That was the attitude of Joe and Frank as they rushed into the water jumping on their surfboards. Weather looked ominous, but they decided to take one last ride on the rough surf.

The first to flounder was Frank, flailing against the current and disappeared. Joe was oblivious, watching the thunderclouds approaching. “We really should pack up, with this storm coming”, glancing behind him for his friend.

Searching the waves for Frank, rain was pelting making it hard to see. The waves were strong and he found it hard to remain upright, surprised at the rising surf. He helplessly searched for Frank, but was having a hard time just keeping himself above the waves. Suddenly thrown off, the board still attached by an ankle strap. The water was swirling around him, causing a vortex. He felt himself being pulled under, the strap breaking away. His lifeline was leaving him, and he had no way to retrieve it.

As he went under, thought he saw a glimpse of Frank and reached out for him. It was the boys last vacation.


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