SYW May 14, 2018

Monday and the middle of May already! Even our weather is warming up, and getting much needed rain here on the prairie parts of WY. Come join in to‘s Share Your World and here is a copy of her post: Have some fun and answer her questions below.


My answers:

1. This sandwich could really use some tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes.

2. My least favorite candy is huge gum balls or Twizzlers. Give me a Red Vine anytime.

3. I am a Virgo. Nuff said. I think it’s a lot like horoscopes, so general you can probably read into it whatever you need or want. Btw, is that materialistic I read for my sign? That’s not me at all. Now if you want real concrete advice, get some fortune cookies.πŸ€“


This was the week that was. My oldest granddaughter graduating from college with honors. August she starts medical school! Had a picnic in a park with actual trees blooming , grass and flowers. Perfect.


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