Time to Write – “Really, Really Hungry”

Since I’m going to be gone all day, I’m reposting this story.

The Bag Lady

“What’s that smell?” A child of five years, asks the question when entering the living room full of adults. I love the honesty of children but sometimes their questions may cause an uncomfortable situation.

When my children were young and I was a busy mother, I prided myself on fixing good meals. My husband liked to bring home friends from work or out of town visitors to the office. I had cooked a southern favorite, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, apple pie and usual sides. Our visitor was a large man with an unusually big mouth. Our children were usually polite and we never worried about their behavior at dinner. As we all sat around the table, our children’s eyes were fixated on the guest.

Apparently enjoying the provided fare, our guest smacked, gobbled, licked his large lips, snarfed, guzzled, and demolished as he cleaned his plate after several helpings. I…

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