SYW May 7, 2018

In 1952, on this day, the concept of an integrated circuit was published by Geoffrey Dummer. What a name for someone who created the basis for all modern computers!

We had a few warm spring days, beautiful!


Below is a copy of‘s Share Your World post this week, and my answers to her always fun questions:

1. First I would make sure my family was “set” and then buy myself a cabin in the woods with wheelchair access! Yes, totally selfish I realize, but it’s only a dream.

2. You know this already, my family.

3. My ideal present would be good health for family and friends, even all of you in blogworld!

I’m such an open book here on my blog, you already know. Seeing my grandsons play, the senior’s team defeating an adversary after eight years of losses to them, his prom, looking smashing, seeing my oldest grandson, the firefighter, even though he was called away on an emergency after a few minutes together. This is LIFE, the BEST of it.



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