Time to Write 34

“I didn’t do it.” Tom looked at Mary beseechingly. He needed her to believe him, especially now. The way it happened, he couldn’t blame her for being suspicious, but he didn’t do anything wrong.

Tom needed to try harder than that she thought. “I trusted you, maybe I shouldn’t have”. She had tried to forget the past, but now it all came back.

Mary met Tom right after he had broken up with Joan, his friend of three years. She had been ill lately and Tom visited her when she needed him. Tom believed she might die, as she was very weak. He no longer loved her, but couldn’t refuse her asking to see him.

Tom was actually innocent, but Joan had other plans. When she knew Tom found happiness with someone new, she set out to destroy the relationship. Her plan was to fake illness, corral Tom and make Mary think he was unfaithful.

Her plan almost worked until Tom went by unexpectedly and found Joan acting perfectly healthy. After hearing her explanation, he was walking out when she grabbed and kissed him.

Unfortunately Mary saw it all, and accused Tom–to Joan’s delight. He tried to explain to Mary he didn’t do anything wrong. Seeing Joan standing there laughing, Mary realized what happened. “I believe you”.

Joan went back inside, slamming the door. Her plan failed when she realized they had what she never would.

Time To Write: Sentence Starter 34 [Creative Writing – Mystery Month]

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