Maude and Mickey 5-4-18

Of course I place Maude first because she is showing herself to be the more feminine and fertile of the two pits. Yes, my lovely avocado plants to be:



In Mickey’s defense he was started a week later, but being the larger of the two, must be of the male persuasion. I do have some fertilization granules I plan on adding to Mickey’s environment to boost his “agility” if he doesn’t show some movement in the next few days.

Maude on the other hand seems to be producing an heir of some sort. She reminds me of the creature in the “Alien” movie, the way she’s going about it. But however she chooses to procreate, I’m happy she’s not just lounging in the “tub” like Mickey.

I’m sure you are riveted by this post, so I’ll make sure to update you all on any progress made.


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