MLMM Take Weaver 169 – The Portal

June 1, 1892

“Taking that first step, how can I? Do I dare enter the unknown? Will it be scary, dangerous, exciting, rewarding? Will I be loved?”

These are the thoughts of young James Kennedy as he envisions himself venturing into a new world. He has dreamed of this moment, even had nightmares about it, stepping into the unknown void.

The space he sees before him looks inviting enough, a swirl of color and starlight beckoning him to enter. One step forward is all that’s needed, just one step. James lifts his right foot and is suddenly pulled into the vortex. Swimming around him, all he sees and feels are colors. Swirling, encompassing his body, James feels no pressure from the vividness, only a floating sensation. He feels pain no longer, only a pleasant relief and sense of peace.


June 2, 1892

The newspaper obituary read: James Murphy Kennedy, aged eighteen, succumbed to an unknown disease after a long time suffering. He is survived by his parents, James Smith Kennedy, and his wife Margaret Murphy Kennedy. The priest at his bedside remarked James was smiling before his death.



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