Daily Prompt: Sleeve and MLMM Photo Prompt 212

The older I get the more I need

A shirt or sweater that has long sleeves

My arms are strong but wrinkled so

When out in public I don’t want them to show


We all age in different ways

Some my age look fresh as May

Spring has sprung for me I fear

But for these prompts I’ll show you here


A selfie the Prompt asks us to reveal

Now this is a task I don’t really feel

When observing myself, I can forgive

The lines that indicate I have lived


So here it is, taken this morning, with my usual smirk. Those white soap spots are on my bathroom mirror–for shame, woman!πŸ˜³πŸ™„




11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Sleeve and MLMM Photo Prompt 212

  1. It says 817pm on my phone, and you’re 120am We are farrrrrr apart. Btw, weird thing, I was just going to follow you again cause the reader has people I don’t follow and missing a lot I do, including you. : 0 so I was just looking you up and your comment appeared….dodododooo

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    1. Ok, I just finished rereading the C and V series and left comments that must have been omitted by my phone. Sometimes I write a comment and it says not available or some other nonsense. It doesn’t help you keep disappearing from the Reader.😱

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