Happy May Day Everyone!

This is from my door to your door:

We celebrated May Day at school making May baskets to put on our neighbors’ doors. I taught my children the same. In early grades we always had a Maypole and would sing and dance around it. Great fun!



10 thoughts on “Happy May Day Everyone!

  1. Over the pond the May Day celebration has its roots in pagan Anglo-Saxon customs and the pagan festival Beltane, which marked the beginning of summer. (Anglo-Saxon period 500-1066).
    Villages and towns all over the U.K. mark the beginning of springtime fertility by traditional Maypole dancing and Morris dancing. The first Monday in May is a traditional Bank Holiday over here and this year falls on 7th.

    I wonder if the date 1st May, the U.S. International Workers’ Day, was chosen for same reasons, to mark a new beginning?

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  2. I once stole all the flowers out of a neighbors garden so I could make her a Mayday basket….she didn’t notice at first ….thank goodness she just laughed when she told my mother what I had done.

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