MLMM Wordle 194

Being what may be referred to as a curmudgeon in my Canasta Club, and of the age where I think my opinions are paramount, I wish to expand on the hardly creative and impulsive decisions of my stepdaughter’s daughter, Marimba.

Her family, not being impoverished in any way except in education, sometimes cause murmurous conversations when in public. Marimba likes to flaunt herself publicly, often a letdown to older members of the family, namely me. If there ever was a need for stealth, Marimba qualifies. Not suffering from namelessness, the entire neighborhood utters a dejected “sigh” which is ignored by Marimba, when she walks and doesn’t need decryption by anyone. Everyone knows the family, their avant-garde behavior, and when the daughter steps out, they all know what’s coming.

Marimba enjoys the stares, using elision in greeting, “howdy, y’all” to them as she saunters by their stoops. Her hipster jeans revealing a hot pink thong are especially enjoyed by the older gentlemen. Her skin tight braless tee shirts are possibly envied by the older ladies. Her long, bleached badly, blond hair cascades down her back in a flaunting flip. Young men in the neighborhood try to hitchhike alongside her, but Marimba just gives them a slow mischievous smile and rolls on.

The destination for this young woman is the outdoor bar at the marina. Marimba loves her some sailor boys.


Fiction, of course🙃


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