Time to Write 16

Another meeting, another power point that isn’t at all interesting, another two wasted hours on uncomfortable metal folding chairs….

This life, this torturous existence, just to make a living. And not a great living, either, no cabin to retreat to, no boat to while away the hours drifting on a blue lake, no vacation at a hotel in a nearby resort, no shopping at the “best” clothing shops, no dinners in fancy restaurants, no new car in the drive.

A living so you can live, just live; pay your bills, your taxes, and feed your children.

As I sit here enduring another young uninformed speaker ramble on about the business I’ve worked in for twenty-five years, I think, this new innovation isn’t going to work with my customers. They don’t like change. They want tried and true, reliable business from me. They don’t know about webisodes, memes, crossfunctional, retweets, gifs, or the latest iPhone or tablet. They rely on the Big Chief tablets and actual pencils.

Time To Write: Picture Prompt 16 [Creative Writing Prompt]

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