MLMM Photo Challenge 211

“Ooh, Barry, you’re so warm and cuddly! I could just fall in love with your soft brown fur.”

“Anything you want, sweetie.”

“Do you like my dress? I wore it especially for you, it even matches the snow!”

“You know it, baby.”

“Ooh, Barry, hold me tighter, it’s cold out here! Maybe we should go in the cave and warm up.”

“Sure, baby, but it’s only a rental, so I have to be back by nine.”


7 thoughts on “MLMM Photo Challenge 211

  1. I said to the bear
    What should I wear?
    He said we’re going to the cave
    You won’t need anything in there
    I said that sounds like kinda fun
    But sounds like kinda rude
    He said your dress is coming off
    ‘Cause I’m already nude

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    1. It didn’t seem so clunky last night …. how about …

      I met with the bear
      I had nothing to wear
      I went to his cave
      ‘Cause you need nothing there
      A little bit daring
      A little bit rude
      I was all baring
      He was all nude

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