MLMM Tale Weaver 166

Sunday evening, dinner in the pub, deserted streets for the most part, and the Jones family was going home. As they walked down the stone street Jack noticed it before they did. It seemed the fog was creeping up on them, and quickly. He started to remark to his parents when he noticed, even though it was faster than normal, it was an eerie cream color, strange for this area. They were walking right near the bay, it should have been white-gray.

Jack’s parents were suddenly aware of the same odd color and feared it was some sort of foul emission and they wanted no part of it. Fearing for the safety of their son, they ducked into a nearby alley, hoping it would pass. Unfortunately it seemed to follow them in and surrounded them completely. Jack couldn’t even see his parents any longer and started stumbling further into the alley. It seemed clearer ahead of him so he kept walking toward what he thought was safety. He didn’t hear his parents anymore, even though the two of them were flailing about trying to locate their son, shouting his name.

The further Jack walked, the less noise of any kind was heard. He looked up to try to find a rooftop, a bridge, anything that would tell him where he was. There was nothing, nothing but a small clearing ahead. Even the cobblestones had disappeared. As the clearing widened it appeared as if he was suspended, no longer surrounded by the street or the buildings, just the eerie fog. He started calling out to his parents, but heard no response. He cried “where am I?” in frustration.

“You’re here with me”. And then a wicked laugh. Jack turned himself quickly around, wanting to know who was speaking. He saw nothing but the fog. It seemed to be alive, forming into a creature. Jack thought he’d seen this form before. He was starting to feel less frightened and more curious.

“You’re him, aren’t you? The creature in my book! You really scared me!” And as the moment went on, Jack seemed to relax, thinking he must have been dreaming. His parents would be asleep in the next room and he would wake up soon.

Jack was not dreaming.

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  1. Great response dear Rugby, I like the notion of there being something in the fog we don’t realise might be there. Thanks for your participation in this week’s Tale weaver.

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