AtoZ Challenge J,K,L,M

Okay, I’ve been gone, and it’s time to catch up. J for Jesse, K for Kid, L for Laughable and M for Museum.

Probably should start with J for Jesse, my 15 year old grandson, who I’ve mentioned before. He is receiving the Grand Prize on April 24 from Sharon Robinson. She holds an essay contest promoting the ideals of her father, Jackie Robinson. We are very proud of him. He is one special Kid (K) for many reasons. How many armless kids do you know who can make a three pointer in their first basketball game? Watched him play JV soccer on Thursday- there’s no stopping him!

Now L for Laughable. I always use humor and sometimes as you might imagine, it’s only funny to me. We were at the Museum (M) touring the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit in Denver. We were in line as a family looking at displays encased in glass boxes on the wall. It was Friday, it was crowded with school groups, and old people like me. I’m at the back of our family line in the wheelchair, which is not conducive in observing wall plaques.

I kept getting hit by a woman’s large purse as she kept crowding me from my right. I finally stopped and said to her, “would you like to go in front of me”, gesturing for her to step in front of me in line. She looked shocked and said, “no”. I said, “go ahead”. She refused and said “aren’t you with them?” pointing to my family. I said “yes, but it’s ok”. She wouldn’t, so I rolled on to catch up. I felt like what probably all little kids feel like in crowds, you’re shorter, you’re always in the way, so just put up with it.

We actually had a great time. However if I never see another clay pot in my life it will be too soon.


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  1. Cheryl…you now have permission to turn and snarl at anyone so damned rude as to hit you with their purse, backpack, suitcase or whatever! You also have permission to turn around and just threaten to run over them…and then RUN OVER THEM if they give you any lip!

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