Putting My Feet in the Dirt 11

All he said was, meet ya later at the flux capacitor. Usually I would have ignored this odd invitation, but there was attractive about him, his hair. . .simply intriguing.

Men come and go but there was something about this guy’s hair that made my heart flutter. And then the way his eyebrows moved, so animated when he spoke…and his smile. You would think a scientist of his caliber would be all serious, but everything about this man oozed FUN!

He was always rushing around, white lab coat flying. I just knew he was onto something exciting.

I decided to meet him that night. There was a thunderstorm but he was not timid, in fact he welcomed the idea of a lightning strike. I watched as he climbed the clock tower. Suddenly lightning struck and he disappeared.

I knew he was different, that was the attraction. I just didn’t know “different” .

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