Let it Bleed Challenge 13 Yearning

It might seem corny

This feeling of yearning

Longing for the “right” thing

Of course my right may be your left.

There’s not a day that I escape the yearning

Wanting peace in the world

Food and shelter for the disadvantaged

Medicines and cures for diseases.

I think most of us are compassionate beings,

I think it comes naturally

The answers are there, ready

We just need to stop yearning and act.



3 thoughts on “Let it Bleed Challenge 13 Yearning

  1. So true, meaning love in deed and not just in words. I thought the other day as prayed for God to bless someone, and immediately a thought it my mind, “Why don’t you bless them?” I have not forgot that it is us who do God’s bidding, and it is us in whom people see the love of God.

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