AtoZ Challenge G

Let’s talk about Geo! Yea! My husband was a Geophysicist and I was always amused by the rivalry between Geophysicists and Geologists. Each profession seemed to think they were the more knowledgeable. Of course I was prejudiced, but as a child I was fascinated by rocks and thought I might be a Geologist when I grew up. Of course then I’d never heard of a Geophysicist. I was 18 before I’d even heard the word!

Over the years of watching my husband mapping, etc at home, charting, and how he had tiny perfectly formed letters and words on said maps, I was amazed. He was a scientist, and very exact. Taking rolls of seismic readouts and transferring that information to actual maps was intriguing to me. Of course nowadays computers are employed for this purpose. The days of pencils and paper is long gone. I do remember before he retired, a few companies that preferred the hands on approach.

My husband grew with the business, from working Colorado School of Mines summer vacations out in the field putting sticks of dynamite in holes, to Texas to Louisiana and back to Colorado, he was well known and liked in the oil business.

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  1. I also love rocks–back when I was very young, gas stations here used to give away all kinds of things, and one of them started giving away different types of rocks and gemstones. I made my dad go to the same gas station for weeks so I could collect them all! I still have quite a collection of different rocks, and my favourites are the pieces of amethyst that Ken and I mined ourselves in Thunder Bay. Geophysicist looks fascinating too though:-)

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  2. I haven’t heard of that field either. His work must be fascinated. I tried to compare between the geologist and geophysicist. I may understand the difference after I do some research. Thank you for sharing.

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