SYW 3-19-18

Good day! Time for‘s Share Your World questions and answers this week of March when Spring has Sprung! At least that’s what we’re hoping for. I write this in anticipation of joining two granddaughters and my daughter for an outing. We are visiting the Wyoming State Museum.

It’s small compared to some, but very nice, and admission is free! I’m looking forward to it, especially being with the girls.


To answer cee’s questions:

1. My first memory is the age of three, sitting in the backseat of a vehicle, holding on to a mirrored medicine cabinet for dear life. Apparently we were moving to the dairy farm in the country and I was given the job of protecting this item. Maybe that is why I’ve always taken responsibility seriously in my life?

2. Toilet paper over or under? I never thought much about this until years ago when my husband’s eyesight was failing. He wanted it over the top because he could see it better. He had a detached retina and ended up with double vision and loss of sight in his left eye.

3. Family is what keeps me grounded. At least they try!

The girls:

Have a great week everyone!


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