Putting Your Feet in the Dirt 13

You could have called him Guzzling Gary, after watching him drinking all that Gatorade during the game. Yes it was hot and it was humid, and the game time unfortunately was at noon.

Gary was one of the best players on the field, been playing soccer since he was three years old. He had even received a scholarship to college for it. But Gary was a sweater. The first time I saw Gary play I was amazed at the amount of liquid that oozed from every pore. It was as if a garden hose was attached to his head.

Poor Gary had to guzzle as much water and especially an electrolyte solution to keep himself upright and on the field instead of recuperating on the sidelines. He also had many fans now during his long professional career which turned out to not be as profitable as he hoped.

Gary would play, then rush over to drink more Gatorade and any other liquid refreshment he had brought. The league refused to provide any liquids, stating “the bloody buggers get too much compensation as it is”. Of course these statements came from old, worn out players that played merely for enjoyment in the old days, not counting on a monetary reward.

Gary of course could have quit soccer and become a professional spokesman for Gatorade, but he enjoyed playing too much. Sadly, Gary was finally let go by the coaches after one too many trips to the restroom during play. Gary’s guzzling days came to an end.

**please note these are ten minute written prompts, no changes in structure or editing

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