Putting My Feet in the Dirt 9 and 10

She was singing “a tisket for a tasket” when she was stopped by little boy (powered) blue.

“That’s not how it goes, it’s “a tisket, a tasket,” don’t you know anything?

She kept on skipping down the old dirt road in her red hooded dress, swinging the basket to and fro. She liked the boy, but ignored his comments. What do boys know, she thought to herself. Then she thought better of it and yelled back, “Why aren’t you blowing your horn? The cows are in the meadow and the sheep are in the corn!”

He sat up from the haystack and looked around him. Everything was fine. Thinking to himself, she really doesn’t know anything! Yelled back, “Whatever!” And went back to sleep.

Mary, quite contrary, kept walking to Grandma’s house with her flower basket.



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