Putting My Feet in the Dirt 11

A blustery day at the beach, but Shannon and her friend Sue were anxious to suntan. The two young women decided to wear coverups in case the wind turned colder. At first glance they looked like two floating caftans on the beach. Shannon was used to all the stares and today she only wanted to hang out with her friend. Sue liked the attention and winked at some of the men as they passed.

Removing their garments they settled down on their stomachs on the beach towels. Wanting a back free of tan lines, they untied their tops and still remained discreet laying there face down. A couple of wary observers noted the action and thoughts of accidentally spilling water or other drink on them was preying on their minds.

The two women had put their coverups close by just in case they were quickly needed. Feeling drowsy, they just relaxed in the warm sun. A billowy breeze suddenly ripped the caftans away from their reach. Without thinking, Shannon leapt up to chase down the items, much to the delight of the men in observance.

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