SoCS 3-3-18

Not to put too fine a point on it, I find it curious when someone I hardly know or don’t know at all, asks “how are you”? The usual response for most people is “fine”. If you are just passing one another that answer is fine. But am I fine, are you really fine every time someone asks you? It’s perfectly fine to say you’re fine, but do you really mean it? When you are passing someone do you ask how they are? Do you really care or is it just a habit? I have to smile thinking of the “Friends” character, Joey who had the classic, “how you doin’?

Either way is fine by me, do your own thing. Oh, by the way, I’m fine.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 3/18


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  1. Whoops … hit the wrong button. Where was I?
    Oh yes …..
    only with the use of a walking frame.
    So, every day, I would ask him the same question, “how are you?”
    And he would respond, every day, with, “Me? Oh, I’m extra good.”

    What a wonderful human being.

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    1. Great story! I find when I’m out shopping I meet a lot of older lonely people. If they seem to be looking for something and pass a few times, I ask if I could help them find something. I
      usually know where most everything is. Yeterday in fact a man was looking for bar soap. I showed him where it was and then he began a spiel about bathing as the older boy after three sisters all in the same water, and no one uses bar soap anymore, and how his mom never shopped. Just made stuff from nothing including soap. Luckily I have time on my hands. Some of the details I’m familiar with, too. ; )) Thanks for commenting.


  2. There’s always a risk that if you ask this silly question that someone might say, “Well …. I’m glad you asked. As a matter of fact I was diagnosed with terminal cancer this afternoon and I have six months to live.”

    The only way to deal with this awkward and inconsiderate reply is, of course, to respond with, “Goodness me. That’s rotten luck. I suppose I shouldn’t take up any more of your time, then,” and move quickly to the other side of the street.

    If this annoying bundle of self-pity persists with words to the effect of, “Please, I just need to talk. I’m so terribly lonely. My husband ran off with his secretary on Tuesday and I have no-one. I need a shoulder to cry on,” you really are in deep water.

    And it is highly inappropriate, at this point, to consider the carnal possibilities implied. No matter how attractive she is you are bound to feel pangs of remorse in six months time. Worse than that you will feel an obligation to attend the funeral where, no doubt, her husband, also feeling a good deal of remorse by then, might take the opportunity of displaying his eternal love by breaking your nose in front of the gathering of mourners. It is highly likely that several other emotional family members might take the opportunity of displaying their own grief by kicking you while you are down there bleeding in the mud.

    So suddenly, your innocent question of, “how are you?” has left you not only with a hefty hospital and dry-cleaning bill, but as the recipient of the universal contempt of the entire village.

    So never ever ask.

    On the other hand, I was guilty of asking this question of the elderly man next door on a daily basis when I returned each day from work. He was a war veteran living just above the poverty line in a house which was falling down around him. Both of his legs were in callipers and he moved around, in some pain, only with the use of a


  3. I often think about this! I am not one for small talk at the best of times, and this seems a bizarre habit rather than genuine question. No one wants to hear a response that varies from ‘fine’ do they? Lol

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