Daily Prompt: Messy

Life is messy. I should be grateful that it is, otherwise it would be boring.

I commented on a post by https://emotionsoflife2016.com, Writing #98. The subject was burning bridges and I spoke about regrets. We have been commenting back and forth and I started mulling over what I had said, about having no regrets. Then as it always does, guilt creeps in, overthinking which I’m prone to do, and over what, I wonder?

Before you call in the white coats, or care to read further…

I must have been born with the burden of guilt. Maybe it was the forties, after the war and before another began, that caused it. It didn’t matter what it was, if I just thought and never acted, or if someone else did it, I felt guilty. Now why this was I haven’t a clue. It was just a fact. Until I started thinking about the regrets issue, I had been pretty much guilt free for a few years. Of course I have regrets, about a lot of things, we all do. I think my no regrets response was about the last few years being by myself. Living alone you are responsible for yourself and there’s no need for regrets because it’s all up to you. There’s no one around to make you regret what you said or did. Does that make sense? Now don’t go thinking about that too much because it isn’t as obvious as you might think.

When I say life’s a mess, you can believe it is never boring, always a new happening around the corner, some you love, some you despise, and others just interesting.

Today the sun is shining, we’re getting a respite from cold for a couple of days, and the promise of ice and snow on Monday for the start of outside soccer season. So there it is, life.



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  1. And as the men in white coats approach the apartment building to lead Cheryl away for some relaxation and other therapy 😏 we gives thanks for yet another great post which makes perfect sense to me who also lived on my own for a year or so. Love you Cheryl 😘

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