Daily Prompt: Restart

This is very relatable to my life. I’ve had many restarts. From the age of nineteen, moving away from my home to marry and live in a completely foreign land – Texas, to four years ago moving from my ancient home in Colorado to a small apartment in Wyoming.

In between there were many restarts, but probably the biggest was leaving our home of twenty years after our youngest left for college. We moved two thousand miles away. It was the worst thing, being a new person in a new home, without my best friend, my daughter. It was hell. Then after numerous trips back and forth, we settled in Houston where there was a new job, new home and different lifestyle once again.

Skip forward to retirement for my husband and moving home near the grandkids, heaven. Then five years ago my husband passed away from esophageal cancer and a huge restart was required. So I understand this concept. I guess you never want to get comfortable with your life because there is always a new start around the corner.


15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Restart

  1. Restarts can be frustrating but at the same time so exciting to be starting new adventures. I am going through a sort of restart at the moment as well, having recently begun working at Micheals when I’ve never done retail in my life.

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  2. My Dad died last April and my Mom just moved into a Senior Center, her dementia getting progressively more serious. Definitely a restart. Life is replete with them.

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    1. Nope. It’s a terrible thing to watch someone you love decline in such a way and be helpless to do anything about it. My wife has actually done a lot of research and memory can be improved, at least partially through diet, but my Mom being 85 is “old school” and won’t hear of it, more’s the pity.

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