The Secret Keeper #130 – Skater’s Remorse

There was no doubt it wasn’t fair. He had practiced these moves a thousand times at least, achieving perfection the last two or three. He had a tendency to overcompensate in the last twirl, but had eventually remained standing in the last two attempts.

He had perfected the twist part of the routine, however that took a couple of years to really stick the maneuver. His dream was about to be fulfilled.

Teetering on the edge of the arena, he slowly moved onto the ice, spotlight following him, hushed crowd anticipating his routine. He surprised himself as he literally glided into the center of the ice. He glanced toward the announcer as he took his stance, head bowed, arms out, bending close to the surface. The announcer took his glance as a cue to start the music, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Applying a serious determined look on his face to adhere to the music, he looked out at the crowd.

Barney let one arm drift up slowly and come down dramatically to the music. Unfortunately his skate was untied, and the laces were sitting between the blade and icy surface, therefore refusing to move. Barney’s other foot, anticipating the next move, slid out causing an extra, too wide gap of his two legs.

Barney was carried out on a stretcher.

Weekly Writing Challenge #130

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