Time to Write 2-16-18 – Southern Charm

Charlotte grew up in a southern belle atmosphere. It was the 21st century but her life revolved in a different, earlier one. She valued the traditional to a point, all the societal graces were complete, even to the afternoon teas. As a child she learned proper southern lady manners. Even though her classmates were sporting punkish purple hair and skinny jeans, Charlotte remained without a bit of smudged makeup and her long raven hair was perfectly coiffed. Her clothing was always meticulously ironed and clean, unlike most of her peers.

Charlotte lived in a wealthy traditional home, complete with two parents, a maid, and a manicured garden in which to stroll. Her parents expected her to act with decorum at all times and follow family mannerly traditions. Her bedroom consisted of a four poster complete with canopy and ruffled curtains. Her perfectly applied makeup was accomplished every morning at a dressing table, while the maid brushed and styled her hair. She was able to choose her clothes for the day but her closet was limited by her parents.

You may be thinking that Charlotte was a spoiled child, although unfortunate in modern ways. You would be incorrect. Charlotte was an undisclosed mystery, certainly to her parents. The seemingly happy young lady was “courting” other young ladies at afternoon tea.

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