SYW 2-12-18

February is flying by, or is it just me? Snowy, cold, but at least January (blecc) is gone. Not my favorite, a let down after the holiday season, everyone getting back into mundane routines, dreary, cold and just plain yucky.

But then there’s February, the month of love….a busy, warmer more sunny month! And here it is Monday with and her Share Your World post with her curious as a cat questions, or was that me, the cat? I digress. . .

Here’s a copy of her post:

My answers:

1. I’ve tried to be, but I can never keep a straight face, dang it!

2. I’ve always cut my own hair. I’ve had pixie, short, medium and long. I only cut the bangs now and have long hair which one of my sisters refers to as “witchy on older women”. So be it, we hardly agree on anything!๐Ÿ˜‚

3. I don’t think so. We each had a doll I think. I wasn’t much for them, considering how much I love children, seems odd to me now. My sisters used to hang theirs from the bedposts. Maybe that’s why I didn’t care for them. Freud, anyone?

Wednesday we’re going to Denver to the art museum to celebrate my oldest granddaughter’s birthday. She was and is our special valentine. Certainly looking forward to it, she’ll be 22. Hard to believe๐Ÿ’“ Here she is, knowing at this age what she wanted to be when she grew up!


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